Our Class Rules Song: “3 Learnin'”

Lyrics Above, mp3 Demo Below…

THREE LEARNIN’    (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, 3rd Grade)

We are good kids, we love our teachers

In third grade, they love us, too

We are good kids, crazy about the dragon

Love singing and The Beatles, too


And it’s a long day, learnin’ in Reseda

It’s a short day running through our minds

We’re a good class, we follow the rules

We’re a good class, we live them by heart

        CHORUS: And we’re 3, 3 learnin’    yeah, we’re 3, 3 learnin’

All the children should walk in our classroom

And listen when one person talks

All the good joy we get from our friends

We include them, it warms our hearts   (CHORUS)  guitar…

Bridge: Free falling’….   now we’re… free fallin’  now we’re…   guitar…

Free falling’….   now we’re… free fallin’  

Kindness is all over our classroom

Be responsible and make harmony

Gotta see all respect is that something

Gotta see all our class in unity      (CHORUS)