Welcome and Supply List!

Happy Mid-Summer to Almost Parents of 3rd Grade!
I hope you are enjoying your vacation, as I certainly am!
I began my summer doing lots of gardening, then a quick trip to the San Francisco Bay area, & soon I’ll be spending five days in Hawaii (Kauai)!
Mrs. Holy & I have met a few times over summer, prepping for the year. I’ll be stopping in here and there to set up the room, get the exciting curriculum motor up-and-running, and will look forward to seeing you and your children when a whole new year of our Kirk journey begins together!
Below is the supply list for the class and some additional information…

1 box colored pencils   

1 box (8-count) washable Classic Crayola broad-tipped 
1 box washable fine-tipped markers
4-8 EXPO fine-tip dry-erase markers, any color except yellow (for student white boards)
2 white “Magic Rub” or Pentel Hi-Polymer block eraser
1 box of pencil tip erasers
1 4 oz bottle of Elmer’s Glue
2 small glue sticks
2 composition-style books: 1 for math, 1 for journal writing (name on outside ready)
1 set of divider tabs for Ms. Christa’s computer class (return old folder if you have it)    
If you want to bring in a hand sanitizer (optional), please do not bring scented ones…
Speaking of scents: my sensitive nose & allergic body cannot handle strong smells of lotions, colognes, hairspray, etc. inside the classroom. They often give asthma or &/a headache!

I do occasionally burn natural incense (with a door open) or spray an herbal mist, especially after PE, lunch, or setting the tone for some Indian studies!  
Below is a picture to cool you off that I took from Hawaii. 
See you August 21st! (It’s a full day except kindergarten.)
~Mr. B.